2020 AfroCubanDanceFestival Havana-Cuba

2020 AfroCubanDanceFestival Havana-Cuba

Homenaje al maestro Domingo Pau

Theatre America - Calle Galiano 253 entre Neptuno y Concordia, Havana Cuba

Afro-Cuban Dance Festival 2020

Homenaje al Maestro Domingo PAU

Celebrating 55 years of his contribution & dissemination of the Cuban dance culture

                                         8-12th April 2020 Easter Holiday  

2020 will be a special year as we have the opportunity to celebrate with Domingo Pau and enjoy his insights and methods developed over 55 years of teaching in Afro-Cuban dance. Domingo has really developed a teaching method that transmits his knowledge and experiences. This is an opportunity that will remain forever in the memory of all the participants.

FULL PRICE £400   -  480 EUROS 

Spanish translation below


5 Days of dance workshops and related activities in Havana, Cuba. In addition to the classes each day, evening activities are included and free nights.

During classes, you will have theoretical, visual and practical lessons to help understand the cultural location of Afro-Cuban dances.

Taught @ the "Theatre America" in the heart of Havana.

We have a varied program developed to improve your general orientation and ability in the principle Orishas, Rumba, Son, Salsa among others

All classes led by the Maestro of maestro's and Choreographer Domingo Pau assisted by dancers and professors of the National Folkloric National of Cuba, ISA (Art Institute) Grupo Folklórico Alafia, Orisha Oko, & others.

MORNINGS @10am STARTING PROMPTLY with an Orishas dance performance followed by a 2 hours class with LIVE MUSIC teaching the Orisha that you just saw - this section has the rhythms and Afro Cuban styles: Orishas Batá, Rumba, Bantú, Arará, Guiro and Iyesá.


We recapitulate the most generic rhythms or "toques" for the Yoruba Orisha steps such as Chachalokafún (known in Europe as Cachan) Ñongo, Alatopa, Iyesá and Iyakota. This adjustment to our programme has developed from understanding the needs of participants and falls in line with our objectives to teach and develop peoples understanding and ability to dance orishas such as Elegua, Yemaya, Oshun, Shango, Obbatala, Ochosi etc The rhythms and steps are the fundamental basis of the Yoruba mythology, and learning their musicality combined with the steps you will gain greater confidence dancing different basic steps that are employed by all orishas.

Finishing the day we turn to Cuban social dances - Son, its transitions to Salsa and the different ways of combining it with Mambo, Chachachá, Pilon, Reggaeton, among others.

To add contrast we sometimes do include an option to try Body Connection, Capoeira - for dancers, Yoga, hand balance - these additional classes have been quite useful and popular.

We endeavour to translate and make an English translation in the classes. You can always ask if something is not understood. Other help with translation can be provided (French, Italian)

LUNCH - not included in the price - you can book lunch with us to help facilitate the smooth operation of our event. Lunch is in collaboration with a high-quality restaurant Elizalde https://restauranteelizaldehabana.com/en - highly recommended - and at a very affordable price. Included a menu for vegetarians and people with food restrictions. We will send you a registration form to collect this information once you let us know you are coming don't forget to fill it in and return it.


1- CONCERT OF RUMBA: Although things can change here, we will probably see Ronald y su explosion rumbera - who really does cater for tradition and modern Rumba Culture - (2019 he put a fantastic show on for us) This is a "Cuban night out" with Rumba dancers, Orishas & Abaqua appearances.


In a really Cuban location - Pogolotti - and one of the activities most appreciated by the previous participants, with after comments such as:

"Incredible, completely different, privileged to get this experience"

"Why did you not tell us that children would participate?"

"Do not take that party out of the program ever!"

Our party includes live music with Rumba, Salsa, Dj, Cuban Caldoza, Roasted Lechón, rum and maybe more. Be careful about how you drink at this party.

(vegetarians it is advisable that they organize their own food)

If you want to know more about our community project visit this link


email simon@fantasma.co.uk

Our project has really had some impact on the community and we have made contact with the school that backs onto the floor with a view to funding a year project teaching traditional dance to the local children.


Are you ready for an exhibition in the heart of Havana?

"El Malecón Habanero" known as the best place in the city and leaves visitors with no option but to visit - this time you do it with AfroCubanDanceFestival team. In broad daylight, facing the sea and open sky, we will create the perfect environment to have fun dancing Rumba, Salsa, Reggaeton & more. A way to gain more self-confidence and to feel closer to Cuban culture, an unforgettable experience. (you can come with your bottle of rum)


Depending always on the monthly cultural programming in real-time, our team can optionally organize the visit of an Afro Cuban show night, where Salsa, Reggaeton or other social dances are also always danced.



SALSA NIGHT - Optional - not included in the program. The emphasis of the event is Afro-Cuban as Salsa is danced in all other events anyone who wants to go dancing Salsa we can advise them and nights off are normally spent this way.

ACCOMMODATION Our workshop is located in the heart of Havana, where you can simply visit on foot and enjoy tourist and cultural places. If you need recommendations, we have a team that can help with all the logistics so that you can organize the accommodation that suits your needs.

CUBA CUBA CUBA 2020 🇨🇺🔥🔥✈😘

Celebrating the 55 years to an Afro-Cuban Dance Master, let's do it! 🇨🇺🇨🇺🔥🔥✈😘

We offer you a dance meeting like no other. Examining many dances that helped to create the popular Cuban technique of Salsa and La Rumba popular today.

When you return from this dance holiday, you will feel more confident and full of energy with unforgettable memories.

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**to guarantee your place** make a deposit of £100 (non-returnable) and your place will be saved 

If you do not have a European bank account, we offer you the easy PayPal payment method.
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Luanda created and developed this event with two main objectives:
- Provide non-Cuban dance enthusiasts with the opportunity to discover true roots of the culture and Afro-Cuban dance.
- To help Cuban professional artists, teachers and musicians who cannot easily leave the country so that they can share the knowledge and experience of their roots.

LUANDA says: "As this meeting grows we are seeing new doors open, I'm very happy with the team and the community project attached to our event"


COMMENT on one of the participants 2019 :

I want to say a huge thank you to Luanda Pau from the bottom of my heart. I had the time of my life during this trip to Cuba and I am eternally grateful for making all of those insights into Cubania and Afro Cuban culture possible! Now i have so many wonderful memories and so much more knowledge than before. Thank you to Simon Atkinson for all your organisational input and although they are not in Europe thank you to the amazing team of dancers, teachers, musicians and the Maestro Domingo Pau for their time, effort and enthusiasm.

Thank you to the wonderful combination of dance enthusiasts from all over the planet who were present in Afro Cuban dance Festival - we had a blast! ¡hasta la próxima! 🇨🇺 ♥ 😘

Spanish translation: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0hjad4jp2jy7pex/AfrocubandanceFestival%202020%20traduccion%20ES.pdf?dl=0

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